Hand Engraving and Family Crest

A hand engraved, finest quality signet ring makes the perfect special gift to last a lifetime. Using skills passed down through the generations, our master engraver will create the most beautiful design for your truly unique engraved signet ring. Whether you choose to have initials, family crest or would even like to have your own design recreated, our Bay Rings hand engraver works to the very highest standard, ensuring that you are presented with a beautifully finished ring that truly is one of a kind.

All rings that are engraved this way will possess minor imperfections, which in no way detract from the overall design and superb quality of the piece. On the contrary, these simply reflect the attention to detail and uniqueness of each and every hand engraved signet ring.

Can all your signet rings be engraved?

We advise against choosing a light signet ring to be engraved, due to the fragility of its face. However, all other signet rings have been specifically crafted to showcase the beautiful detail created by our expert hand engraver. Simply choose your ring and tick the “Engraving” box. You’ll be asked to enter your message and select the font before purchase. It’s as simple as that.

How long does it take?

As all our signet rings are hand engraved and absolutely unique, you should expect to receive your ring within 7-14 working days. Please ensure that if the item is for a special occasion, that you place your order well in advance or contact us for urgent engraving and dispatch service

What type of engraving can I choose?

Most customers choose to have initials hand engraved onto their signet ring. Up to three characters can be chosen and these are usually engraved side by side. We can of course alter the design to intertwine the letters or have them cascading. If you’d prefer this option, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements in more detail.

We also offer a hand engraving service for signet rings depicting family crest symbols and logos – or you can even add your own design. Simply tick the relevant design option on the product and then place your order. Please make sure you then send us an email, attaching the image you’d like recreated in high resolution jpeg or pdf format.

Can I select specific fonts?

We have included a dropdown list at the point of purchase for you to choose the most appropriate font for your design – if you have your own font you would like us to use you could send it to us...

How much does it cost?

Our hand engraving service costs £44.95 to engrave up to three letters on your signet ring. For requested designs, symbols and family crests, the service costs £199. This does not include the price of the actual ring.

Do you offer laser etching or embossed wax rings?

Currently, we do not provide a laser etching service or embossed wax rings but plan to do so in the future.

Can I place an order for an engraved ring and non-engraved ring at the same time?

Of course. However, to minimise costs, we will dispatch all items together, once the hand engraving has been completed, so you should expect to receive all items within 7-14 working days.

Can I have an engraved ring resized?

Unfortunately, due to the specific detailing of the hand engraved image, resizing could damage the work carried out. It is for this reason that we recommend supplying an accurate ring size at the point of purchase.

If you are not sure of the finger size, please request a free ring size from us before you make your order.

Can I return an engraved ring?

All of our hand engraved rings are absolutely unique and personal to each customer. Therefore, we are unable to accept the return of an engraved ring unless the product is faulty. Please read our Returns Policy for further information.